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The Descendants of van Gogh

  • His obnoxious lawyer brother: Pleas Gogh
  • His dizzy aunt: Vertie Gogh
  • The German cousin with the "turista": Gotha Gogh
  • The brother who worked at a convenience store: Stopn Gogh
  • The cousin who worked at a fast food joint: Ordertoo Gogh
  • The Thai cousin who lives in Belgrade: U Gogh
  • The brother who whitewashed Van's earliest paintings: Hue Gogh
  • The sister who tried to restore them with deep blue only: Indy Gogh
  • His Mexican niece who moved to Illinois: Chica Gogh
  • His cheerleader niece: Goateem Gogh
  • His magician uncle: Wherediddy Gogh
  • His cousin from El Paso: AmeeGogh
  • The Mexican niece's amusing American half brother: Grin Gogh
  • His uncle who settled in West Africa: Toe Gogh
  • Another uncle in Africa to find a giant ape: Kong Gogh
  • His grand-parents who were from Port-of-Spain: Trinidad and Tobah Gogh
  • The great uncle who drove a stage coach: Wellsfar Gogh
  • The constipated philosopher uncle: Kant Gogh
  • The grandmother with the pain in the back: Lumba Gogh
  • His little niece with the skin infection: Impetty Gogh
  • The waffle-loving cousin: Leggoe Miyeh Gogh
  • The Sunbathing ballroom dancer aunt: Tan Gogh
  • The doorbell maker uncle who dept an Australian dog: Ding Gogh
  • The birdbrain uncle who trades insults in newsgroups: Flaming Gogh
  • His conceited nephew psychoanalyst: E Gogh
  • The macho fruit loving cousin: ManGogh
  • The uncle who ships Toyotas from Japan: CarGogh
  • A fat aunt (maiden name Mutch) who taught positive thinking: WeightOoh Gogh
  • The little boucy nephew: PoeGogh
  • A sister bouncy nephew: GoGogh
  • His Italian uncle: DayGogh

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