Film and Plates

VANGO Graphics has a well-deserved reputation for expertise in both Mac and PC platforms. We can handle your files from InDesign, Illustrator and Quark as well as Microsoft Publisher and Word. We know what it takes to make your piece look great! Your digital files are sent directly to our imagesetter for film or plate output.


Screen Katana 5040/5055 High End Film Imagesetter and film processor
2400 DPI and up to 175 line screen
Film output sizes up to 21" x 42"

Dart Luxel T6000 CTP
Fuji Thermal plates
510mm x 400mm - 6 and 8 mil thickness
AB Dick 9800 series
Ryobi 3302 series
(call for availability on larger plate sizes)

Rampage Ripping system
Enabling us to preflight/fix, trap, rip and create soft/hard proof from the ripped file

Epson Stylus Pro 7600 post-rip proofing for accurate 4-color representation

Film and Plates

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