What makes VANGO Graphics different?

VANGO Graphics started out as a typesetting/desktop publishing firm. We know programs! VANGO has serviced the print industry for the last 22 years, creating plates and film for print shops and 'fixing' files. Preflighting files and looking for the hidden details that will derail a print job (and there are many) is second nature for us.

As a service bureau, all our turnaround times are 24 hours or less. We know the meaning of a deadline! Our staff is willing and capable of doing whatever it takes to get a job done.

Our staff will work with your clients, helping them to create good print files and explaining problems so that they understand. Many of your clients do not have a background in graphic design and it has been our job to educate and help. We can talk 'graphicspeak' to designers as well as secretaries. Our job has been to HELP, and we do it well. We're nice people.

While most print and digital shops only work with pdfs, our service bureau background has helped us gain expertise in the majority of desktop publishing programs including Microsoft Word , Publisher, Powerpoint and Corel Draw — problem files for most shops. (We do work in the normal programs as well, Adobe Creative Suite and Quark!)

In the last three years we have added digital printing and short run 4-color offset printing to our palette of services. Having worked with printers all these years, we know what to look out for and what to be concerned about.

  • We started out as a typesetting/desktop publishing firm.
  • We know PC programs.
  • We know what quick turnaround means.
  • We know what service means.

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